Are you currently pregnant or did you recently have a baby?

Bodies change when you have a baby!

Some of these changes can be scary, but knowledge is power! If you know what to watch for and how to care for your body through pregnancy and postpartum, then you can keep your body healthy, reduce your risk of injury, and be able to exercise safely. I'll show you how.

Hi! I'm Dr. Emily Pace

I help patients keep their core and pelvic floor healthy through pregnancy and postpartum so that they can exercise, keep up with their children, and maintain a healthy sex life. I've worked with patients in clinical practice for 10 years and have seen a lot during that time. I found myself many times saying I wish my clients knew that their pelvic floor existed before they end up in my office. And that is why I created the What's Up Down There Workshop to teach you the 5 things I wish all my pregnant & postpartum clients knew. In this course I will teach you:
  • Pelvic Floor Anatomy

    How often did you think about your pelvic floor before having a baby? For most of my patients, the answer is not much! A strong pelvic floor can help every area of your life and I will help you connect with your pelvic floor muscles.

  • Core Muscle Anatomy

    Everyone has heard of abs, but did you know that your core muscles change a lot through pregnancy and after delivery? Healing your core helps you hold your baby, get back to exercising, and helps keep you from peeing your pants.

  • Postpartum Mental Health

    Your mental health is key to physical health and ensures that you can take care of your baby and yourself. I'll show you simple strategies for caring for yourself and help you find resources you may need.

  • Changes "Down There"

    Your body can change so much during pregnancy and many people are told to "listen to their body" to determine if there is a problem. Do you know what to "listen for"? I'll show you in this program.

  • Return to Sex & Exercise

    At 6 weeks postpartum, most patients are cleared to return to sex and exercise with no real guidance. This can lead to pain and injury. In this program, I will show you how to get back to these activities safely!

Today You Can Get Access To My What's Up Down There Program For Only $17!

What Past Clients Have Had To Say About What's Up Down There:

Melanie E.

I wish that I had found Emily and her What's Up Down There program BEFORE my first pregnancy — it would have saved me so much time and pain. Through this program, I learned how to connect with my pelvic floor and ab muscles so that I could safely regain strength and stop peeing my pants every time I sneezed (or coughed, or ran after my baby)

Allison E.

Emily's "What's Up Down There" program is everything I wish I knew before having kids. She presented it in easy to digest chunks yet they were full of valuable information. I think having this course during pregnancy or even before could eliminate tons of stress that most new mamas don't have the mental space for in the first place. I especially loved that she includes resources for postpartum mental health. Do yourself a favor and take this course and share it with anyone you know with a pelvic floor!

Want to Know How To Get Started?

The good news is that it is easy! Simply click the "Get Started Today!" button below and complete the checkout page. Once you are finished, you will be able to log in and begin going through the course at your own pace.

Workshop Overview

Here's a quick look at the 5 modules we will cover in What's Up Down There

  • 1

    What's Up Down There

    • Welcome to What's Up Down There; Here's What To Expect

    • Module One: Get To Know Your Pelvic Floor

    • Module Two: Learn How To Find, Care For, and Strengthen Your Core Muscles

    • Module Three: How To Care For Your Mental Health While Caring For Your Body

    • Module Four: What May Change Down There & What To Do About It

    • Module Five: Getting Back To Exercise & Sex Safely And Without Pain

You've Got Questions, I've Got Answers!

  • How much does it cost?

    My What's Up Down There program is only $17 when you get it today.

  • How long is it going to take me to get through the program?

    Each module is only about 20 minutes each. You can break this up into a small section each day or you can watch all 5 sections in about an hour.

  • What if I haven't had my baby yet?

    This is a great workshop even if you are pregnant or just thinking about getting pregnant! You can watch all the modules while you are pregnant and you can review them as needed once the baby is here.

  • What if my baby is 2 years old?

    You are postpartum forever and many of these changes and resources may still be very applicable to you even if you are not early postpartum.

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I like to remind my patients that if your pelvic floor is working well, it maybe takes up 10% of your attention. When it is not working well, it can take up 90% of your life with pain and other issues that come along with a dysfunctional pelvic floor! Problems in the pelvic floor can contribute to a variety of symptoms that may not seem connected. When you know what the pelvic floor does, it is much easier to identify what these problems might be! Don't let that 90% be your story!